Chili sin carne: mix of beans, chickpea and Mais €7,75

Lasaña Espinacas: Spinach lasagna 9,50€

Grilled variety of vegetables with mushrooms 7,75€


Heek, battered in cornflakes with caper mayo 9,75€

Platter of fried fish: squid rings, anchovies and baby squid 17,75€

Grilled prawns with parsley oil 14,50€

Tune filet with teriyaki sauce 12,50€


Indonesian Chicken Saté: grilled and marinated Indonesian chicken skewers, served with white rice and peanut sauce 9,75€

Hamburger OLRAIT: Burger 200 grams, onion confit, bacon, cheddar, tomato, served with potatoes 11,50€

Entrecote de ternera «beurre de Paris»: sirloin steak with herb butter 21,50€

Grandma’s Beef Stew in dark beer 11,50€

Costillas de cerdo: spareribs with BBQ sauce and potatoes 9,75€

Pork Ribs: marinated in BBQ sauce, served with potatoes 9,50€