TERUEL: Serrano ham with tomato 5,25€

FRANCES : French omelet with bacon €5,75

MEDITERRANEO: Tuna fish with olives and capers 5,75€

NORUEGO: Smoked salmon with guacamole 6,50€

ESPAÑOL: Spanish potato omelette with battered squid rings 6,25€

POLLASTRE: Roasted chicken, apple and whiskey sauce 6,25€

POPULAR: Roasted pork loin, goat cheese and onion confit 6,25€

CHIVITO: Porkloin, lettuce, bacon, cheese, tomato, egg and mayo 8,75€

HAMBURGER OLRAIT: 180 grams of matured veal, onion, pickles, cheddar, tomato confit and bacon €11,50

HAMBURGER OLRAIT VEGI:  Onion, Pickle, Cheddar, tomato and veggie burger €11,50

patatas fritas €1,50

Vegetables  €1,50

Salsa (mayonesa, ketchup, mostaza,..) €0,30

  • Extras:
    • Bacon: 0,75€
    • Fried egg: 1,50€
    • French omelette: 2,50€