Homemade croquettes that can be ordered by 2 pieces: 2,15€/piece

  • Serrano ham
  • Mushroom
  • Smoked salmon and leek

Crispy chicken fingers with sweet & sour sauce 7,25€

Basque fried sausage: 12 pieces 6,75€

Little green peppers 5,75€

Fried baby artichokes with balsamic sauce 5,25€

Grilled variety of vegetables with mushrooms 7,75€

Slice of Spanish omelette 3,75€

BRAVAS: Fresh fried potatoes with garlic and spicy tomato sauce 4,95€

PATATAS JOPPIE: Fried potatoes with homemade sweet curry sauce 4,95€

Steamed mussels marinated in white wine 8,50€

Battered squid rings 7,50€

Fried anchovies 7,50€

Battered baby squid 8,50€