Bread with alioli and tomato rallado €4,25

Olives (a little bit spicy) €3,00

Nachos with guacamole €4,75

Piece of  tortilla de patatas €3,75

Jamón Serrrano – Jamón duroc con almendras €8,75

Manchego cheese currado €6,75

Humus – puré de garbanzos with carrots and sticks €5,75

Ensaladilla Rusa traditional €6,75

Home made croquets, minimum of 2 pieces. €2,15 ud.

  • Jamón Serrano
  • Mushrooms and boletus
  • Salmon and leek

Crunchy chicken fingers with salsa sweet chilli €7,25

Shrimp pancakes (4uds) €1,00/ud

Mixed meatballs in tomato sauce €7,25

Baby artichokes with sautéed balsamic cream €5,50

Sautéed Basque chistorra sausage (8uds) €6,75

Padrón peppers (not hot) €5,75

Patatas bravas «Olrait» €5,50
Fresh potatoes with spicy tomato sauce and aioli (on the side)

French fries with Joppie sauce €5,50

Mussels steamed in white wine €9,50

Calamari a la “Romana” €8,75

Fried anchovies from the Java fish market  €8,50

Battered hake strips with cornflakes and ravigote sauce €9,75

Bluefin tuna strips with wakame and teriyaki sauce €11,50

Chili sin carne – bean, corn and chickpea mixture €6,75

Vegetables – variety of vegetables with mushrooms €9,50

Indonesian chicken saté – chicken with peanut and prawn bread €8,50

Paella: Marisco or Valenciana €10,50

Belgian Veal stew – grandmas stew in dark beer and mustard €11,50

Paella Valenciana with chicken and vegetables  pollo €10,50

Assorted tapas platter – to share aan an appetizer or enjoy alone asa complete dinner (squid, croquets, nachos with guacamole, manchego cheese, dura ham, tortilla) €17,50